Why Not Them Too?

I just experienced a week of service at the Royal Family Kids Camp. A camp for foster kids who come from hard places. We have 5 days of intense service to these kids, helping them heal and have a fun time. The thing is these are just kids and except for the several who come to camp with visible scars they look like normal kids. And I can’t help to think why can’t these kids be successful?

This camp is not about fixing their lives. I can’t turn around and adopt all the kids at camp. And at camp we don’t disregard their abuse and painful past and the potential for a painful future due to their parents or being in the foster system. But I do give my all in this one week to make sure I understand where these kids come from and help them be comfortable and safe at camp. At the most each counselor has two campers. So there is a lot of one on one time and makes every camper feel special.

Some of the kids do act out. But when you consider where the behavior comes from and your intent is not to punish the kid the week looks a lot different. Nowadays I’ll see a kid crying in the airport and my patience goes a lot further than it used to. My feelings for even the normal reactions of a 3 year old being a plane for two hours does not anger or irritate me like it used to. So these foster kids, they may be hurting and acting out, but why can’t they heal and fulfill their own dreams.

Their situations are often brought about by adults who could barely take care of themselves, let alone a little kid. So if this kid has the determination to live life through all of that, their reward should be a great life after childhood. Because they bore a lot of abuse and neglect. It doesn’t work like that but for a few that have gone to camp, where they seen an example of GOOD adults for a week, who love on them, and respect them, some of these kids do make it out alright.

If you would like to learn more about Royal Family Kids Camp watch the movie on Netflix or visit their website royalfamilykids.org


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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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