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I wanted to share what my role is as a Machine Learning intern at HP Inc. for those of you who don’t know or maybe don’t understand what machine learning is.
The fun explanation is that I am working in artificial intelligence. If you have watched the Matrix you might be inclined to think this might be a bad thing. And personally, I think it could be too but it is too much fun not to explore!

Artificial Intelligence is meant to give computers the ability to make decisions on their own. Currently the device you are reading this blog on is very simple when it comes to its operations. It is doing exactly what it has been told to do for the current conditions. I am working on robots that will move in our every day world, and just as we experience the routes and conditions of our world can change at any time. So the robots I am working on needs to be able to see their environment, interpret accurately what kind of situation they are in and then make a plan to complete their goal.

This is different than other operations because robots with artificial intelligence capability will be able to see a unique situation and plan for it.

The exciting thing about this I just finished my third year at school and I am about to start building a new robot in an industry setting. I am not just building a robot I am paving the way for other interns and people of color to take on exciting internships like mine and begin something as big as a venture in an emerging artificial intelligence market. I take it as an honor and I also hope to see more daring young people who won’t let age or color stop them from doing cool things early on in their career.

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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  1. Abir Chermiti

    Its very interesting what you do !
    our world today is oriented to the artificial a=intelligence,data mining,business intelligence,IOT, …
    keep inspiring ! hope I will join you some day :)

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