Cartoon Clouds

One day, for some random reason, I was thinking about comic strips and they way they draw certain things. And I’m no artist by any artistic means when it comes to pen and paper. But I was pretty sure I could replicate a cartoonish looking cloud digitally. And this is how I did it…

1. Make a new image the size 640×400 and fill it with #339bc6

2. Now make a new layer and name it ‘Cloud’ Change your foreground color to white and select the circle brush
(Circle 11) and set the scale to 5.00 Make a clump of circles as shown in the next two pics. Make sure that when you are done the middle is filled completely as these are circles so some background may be showing through when you are finished.

3. Change you foreground color to #494242 Right click on the layer in the layer’s dialog and then click on ‘Alpha to Selection.’ Make a new layer called ‘Stroke’ (it’s ‘New Layer’ in my tutorials images, oops) and then go to Edit > Stroke Selection. Chose ‘Stroke Line’ and set the pixels too 4.0. After stroking the selection move this layer under the cloud layer by click-and-dragging it in the layers dialog.

4. If you don’t see the marching ants anymore, you can right click on the cloud layer again in your layers dialog, and then click, ‘Alpha to Selection’ Make a new layer and name it ‘Lines’. Take the Eclipse tool and then click ‘Subtract Mode’ in the Tool Options dialog.

Make a circle but exclude part of the bottom of the cloud.
Now select the drop bucket and select pattern fill in the Tool Options dialog. Select one of the black and white stripe patterns you should have in your pattern selections and fill the selection with that pattern you have chosen.

5. The first step for a finishing touch is to merge, ‘Cloud’, ‘Stroke’ and ‘Lines’, together. You can do this by right-clicking on the top layer and then clicking merge down. And continue to do this until you have merged all of the cloud layers.

6. Now duplicate this new merged layer take the move tool and move the new cloud away from the old one. Scale it down with the scale tool to a smaller size. After this, make sure the smaller cloud is selected in the layers dialog, then right-click the image and go to Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur Set the blur to 2.0

You can make some more clouds of different shapes and repeat the same steps on them.

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