Breaking WordPress

So you’ve broke WordPress have you? Don’t worry or feel bad. It means you were trying something new, potentially crazy but not completely fatal. Even the best of us break WordPress once in awhile. So seriously stay calm and remember to breathe.

If you were working in the functions file or anything else in the PHP of your theme and then got the ‘White Screen of Death‘ there is an easy fix.
Log onto your ftp and navigate your way to the theme with the files you changed. Change the name of the theme’s folder. You can basically just add an s and that’s it. Now the database running WordPress won’t recognize the folder as the live theme and you should be able to get back into your dashboard and activate a maintenance mode plugin or change to a different theme for a few minutes.

After you have taken care of the front of your website you can go back into your WordPress files, take out that hazardous code you placed in there and then re-initiate the theme.
If you have forgotten what you changed try to find the original file. (Which is a good reason to store back ups periodically.)

Now if you weren’t working in a theme but were working somewhere in the core, you don’t have to start your WordPress completely from scratch. What you should do is backup your plugins, themes and uploads, and anything that didn’t come with the original WordPress files. This can include some images in the wp-includes folder.. Also, backup your current wp-config file. Now delete all of the WordPress files in your ftp and download the latest version of WordPress from Upload it to your ftp, replace the wp-config file and the themes and the uploads and the plugins. Now you have a spankin’ new core without those detrimental edits but with the same database. So all of your comments, settings, posts, etc. should still be there.

Wasn’t that wonderfully simple? Now you can repeat this process as many times as you like. :D