Top 8 ways to have a great year at Boise State

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Each year can be your greatest year. The year you make it count and worth all the effort. I try to not only enjoy the present but look towards the future. Which actions will give me the greatest success in a few weeks, a few months or a few years? As a student at Boise State there are some essentials. Things I have done that have bettered my life and a couple of things I still need to try.

These are my top 8 ideas for the 2015-2016 school year:

1. Spotify Premium is $5 for students
Let’s start with an easy one. Spotify is one of the best music services out there. It combines Pandora with the great radio service and the ill fated Grooveshark to build your own playlist. And it is all through the proper channels, no music sharing or illegal downloads. There is a free version but premium gets you no ads, you can view the queue, skip as many songs as you like in the radio and see the lyrics. $5 a month is half the cost of the normal subscription.

2. Rent your Textbooks
Buying your textbooks from the bookstore can be very expensive. Yes it is convenient and quick but a little digging online could save you more than just a couple hundred dollars. Try the ever popular that a lot of my friends have used before. Or use the book comparison website that you access from your Bronco Student account.

3. Keep Your Receipts

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Tax season will come at the beginning of the year and whether it is you or someone else doing your taxes the receipts are important! Anything you have to buy that is required for your course is a deduction. That includes books, required materials like a drafting kit or clickers. Things like pens, writing notebooks and folders don’t count unfortunately. But you need your receipts to keep track of the exact number of the things that do count. And receipts from online stores should also be saved.
Because I work as a freelancer I have to file my own taxes separate from what my parents file for my education. But even if you don’t have a reason to file for yourself you should find a tax professional who is willing to sit down with you and just talk about the process. It is something good to know as a young college student.

4. Check out the Get Involved Fair
If you need to get active the Get Involved Fair will take place this year in the Jordan Ballroom which is in the Student Union Building. On August 27 from 2-5pm. A lot of clubs come out like the Greenspeed club, Argentine Tango Club and of course Greek Life. So whether you are interested in art, sports or programming you should look around and see if you can find something that matches with your interests.

5. Join a club like the Space Broncos
One of the best things I did was get involved with clubs that are actively working on projects and in fields that are related to my career goals. For example, Space Broncos is a club that works directly with NASA on social events. I have the opportunity to network with NASA professionals and faculty on campus who work with NASA. Invest in clubs that seem to have influence in the area you are interested in and you will find that to be the most effective networking you have ever done. And by the way do you know how to access the Orgsync portal? Orgsync is the place where all of the official clubs are listed and where you make your membership to a club official. It is also another place to browse for great clubs!

6. Meet with your Advisor
This should be one of the first things you do during Bronco Welcome week. But at least make a point to meet with your advisor once a semester. You would hate to have to wait another semester or year to graduate because you skipped a couple of classes. Meet with the people who know the system. They can help you reach your goals.
If for some reason you are having trouble your assigned advisor you can always visit the Career Center office where there are general advisors available who understand that conflicts happen.

7. Be prepared for the student ticket process and get your ticket for the Washington Game!
I understand that not everybody is into football but unless you have a strong opinion against it there is no reason for you not to be at the football games. If there is one thing this school has that is school spirit. And I mean that about all Bronco sports, not just football.
From what I heard the process to get your tickets has changed this year. You can no longer get your tickets at the SUB you have to get them from the Athletic ticket office at the Bronco Stadium (and yes I still call it the Bronco Stadium). But the plan is to have you reserve your ticket online and then on gameday you swipe into the gates with you student ID. Pretty rad right?
The most important game this season is the Washington game, at least to me it is. And student tickets will run out. So be ready to get your tickets wherever you are that day. And don’t be surprised if in on Monday in the 8am classes all of a sudden people are on their phones and laptops reserving their tickets.

8. Attend a Skills Workshop
And lastly if you find yourself struggling or feeling unprepared for this upcoming semester the Advising and Academic Enhancement office have put together some great workshops that will help you out. With titles like: Time Management, Note Taking and Test Anxiety and more.
And these are some pretty nice people too.

See you around campus and have a great year!

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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