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The Under 30 Scholars program is a chance for students to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Students apply and are accepted based on their eligibility to attend the summit. I’m taking some time to talk to one of those students.

Hi Ashley! Students shared their enthusiasm online when they found out they were selected at Under 30 Scholars. What was your reaction and why did you apply to attend the summit?

I felt it was one of those events that are a once in a lifetime experience. I thought about my aspiration to be part of a movement, bigger than myself. I think this experience will help me learn how to better immerse myself in ways that promote networking, mentorship and the knowledge to succeed in my goals.

This summit is the perfect chance to be among a group of innovators and creative minds that believe collaboration and learning are some of the fundamental ways to create a better tomorrow.

What are you passionate about?

Data analytics and communication are two of my interests. We live in a world where a large part of our communication takes place online. Regardless of your desired industry, I believe that effective communication can help to create a better experience for employees and their ideal customers.

My experience interning for my graduate school’s strategic consulting institute provided me with the communication experience to speak with stakeholders and support my ideas with data visualizations. Since then, I utilized my time pursuing a business degree in the greater New York City area and sought opportunities to contribute in the healthcare and higher education industry.

How do you exemplify a change-maker attitude?

As a woman of color, I think I take a different approach to change the game. In the past, women of color were not the common face for senior-level positions in top companies. With this in mind, I make an effort to make my face and name visible by highlighting my work and school experience in the hopes of participating in new projects. By taking this initiative, I challenge myself to connect with changemakers and inquire about shadowing or volunteering opportunities.

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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