Space Station can you hear me?

I had the amazing opportunity one year ago today to participate in a downlink with the international space station. This was during the Space Symposium that was planned around the downlink. It took about 9 months of planning and a whole team of students called the Space Broncos. And the help of some very special mentors like former astronaut Barbara Morgan and ever special and spectacular Leigh Ann Dufurrena. We had speakers from all across the campus come and give talks about their space related research. We invited special guests to sit in our VIP section and blew up the twitter world with this.

When I asked my question of NASA we got an amazing demo in space! Check out the clip below:

The downlink and the space symposium weren’t the only projects that were developed. Somehow I found myself taking the lead in writing and developing two Education Payload Operation scripts. These scripts are what NASA uses to make educational videos for YouTube videos. I wrote two scripts based on Newton’s third law and the conservation of angular momemtum. Check out a snippet below. Pretty soon NASA will use these scripts in space.


Since downlinks with the International Space Station are usually k-12 events. It was our chances to put a deeper scientific focus in our questions on the podium. Check out the Space Broncos website and view the full YouTube video.

Be sure to keep following my posts as I recap my last two years that are missing from my blogging history. Still to come is my mentoring experience, introducing the President of the United States and the current NASA project I am working on.

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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