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Wow so much has happened since I last blogged regularly. I checked and it was back in the year 2013 before I started school at Boise State. Now this is understandable because in that first year I was working on my first NASA project, apart of six clubs and taking 18 credits including Calculus and Physics.

But so much did happen in the many years I was a regular blogger I am surprised I ever gave it up. I started blogging when I was 12 and made many great online friends from around the world. I have always been proud of the ability to network across different countries, cultures and ages through writing.

The blogging community has fostered my knowledge of web design and the development of my coding skills. Without the encouragement, involvement and growth of my online buddies I would not have my own web design business today.

In the next few blogs I will do a recap of the past two years. I think it will help me reacquaint myself with my old friends. There will be stories of the downlink with the International Space Station, being in the tango club, traveling to San Francisco, introducing the President of the United States of America, going to a ball and other stories. I have a lot to tell and I can’t wait to hear your stories!

So I will be traveling around the blogs again and can’t wait to meet you all again!

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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  1. 5/9/2015

    Nice to meet you Cami! I’m Michelle and I’m cute ;) okay, I’m SUPER cute. Jk. I’m good. Yeah, blogging is pretty cool and interesting. I love how it connects people of all nationalities together. <3

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