June 1 / Travel

Slavery of Black people was an invention. It started in the 1600’s when a shift occurred making Africans the primary commodity of the slave trade. But chattel slavery, the kind that stripped Africans of their rights and dignity and treats …

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June 1 / Travel
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July 20 / Internship
July 9 / Diversity
July 8 / Diversity

I attended a networking event last night in San Francisco at Dropbox. Guest panelists were Telle Whitney, CEO of Anita Borg Institute (ABI), Elizabeth Ames, Senior VP and Marketing at ABI, Aditya Agarwal, Vice President of Engineering at Dropbox and …

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July 8 / Diversity

The message of this post is to find a good mentor or advocate for diversity. I was reminded of this yesterday when I listened to a talk given by Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at HP Inc. Lesley Slaton Brown. …

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July 5 / NASA

I’m having a fun experience being behind the scenes at NASA JPL. It is a little different than the last time I was at a NASA center. I have a press pass, some really cool collegues from all over the …

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July 4 / NASA

This is your chance to follow a live NASA event! Juno will arrive at Jupiter and everyone one is talking about it.
Juno will prerform a big engine burn to insert itself into the orbit of Jupiter today at 7:30-9 …

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July 3 / NASA
June 29 / Entrepreneur

This is a networking blog. Throughout this blog I will be name dropping like crazy and some of those names have links to them. Visit their LinkedIn profiles to learn more about their unique and valuable skills.

Space Broncos Student …

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June 29 / Engineering

Cami’s note: I’m glad I got to interview Katie. She is a successful engineering intern on the move. I have often heard questions like, “How do I move to a new position at my internship?” Katie has some insight on

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June 29 / Social Impact

I just experienced a week of service at the Royal Family Kids Camp. A camp for foster kids who come from hard places. We have 5 days of intense service to these kids, helping them heal and have a fun …

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May 30 / Entrepreneur

As a young entrepreneur the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was being shy. I had to force myself to get my ideas out there and showcase them in public. Not being afraid to publish your ideas for others to …

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May 27 / Leadership

Everyone I would like you to meet Olive! She is Miss Idaho Intercontinental this year and has an amazing story. I interviewed her today and wanted to share her leadership story against bullying and abuse with you.

Who are you

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May 24 / Engineering

I wanted to share what my role is as a Machine Learning intern at HP Inc. for those of you who don’t know or maybe don’t understand what machine learning is.
The fun explanation is that I am working in …

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May 20 / Diversity

I was recently reading this article and was reminded about why representation is so important culturally. I think sometimes living in a dominant culture that tries to forget its racist tendencies and racial biases you can loose the benefit of …

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May 18 / Engineering

My name is Camille and I aspire to…

I am beginning a new journey as a Machine Learning intern at HP Labs. I am very excited and everyone is excited for me. And all I can think about is how …

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