One day I just decided we would go to Mars

This is a networking blog. Throughout this blog I will be name dropping like crazy and some of those names have links to them. Visit their LinkedIn profiles to learn more about their unique and valuable skills.

Space Broncos Student Organization came into being my freshman year of college. It was birthed by two amazing women including former Astronaut Barbara Morgan and woman extraordinaire Leigh Ann Duferrena. Speeding up a couple of years to my Junior year of college I was sitting down with Jay and he mentioned that virtual reality was really accessible and easy to use and then he invited me to one of his demo at the Trailhead in Boise. Light bulb moment.

If I can create a virtual reality experience myself with free equipment then imagine what a whole team of students could do. So the Space Broncos had a new project, create virtual reality experiences for space. Through a couple of brainstorming sessions we came up with a plan, create a simulation of Mars. But first we had to test out our skills and the ability to demonstrate it. Made of Gear VR we released out first project the Space Museum. Michael, Eli, Lawrence, Nick, Tim, Bethany, Jenni, and 30 other people all pitched in, either creating the simulation, working the booths to demonstrate, recruiting new members to work with us, etc. It became a full fledged start up.

And then the next big thing happened. The development team produced a work of art for a Mars simulation. It is so beautiful to see in person. And using all of our skills and our incredible member based we showed it off in the most epic way. With Justina in free space!



Don’t underestimate your own creative power. Keep pushing and see what you can do. And if you need help, ask! I couldn’t have done this without Noah being willing to talk to do half of the networking, and Brook being able to take care of social media, and Alyssa being willing to stand on her feet talking to crowds all day. Create a team and then go do!

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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