Now I can network!

As a student I am used to the idea of having poor connections. I don’t really know anything about the world or anyone in the world and I need to seek out mentors and teachers who would be willing to make those connections for me.

I am also really interested in space and for the past two years or so I have been trying to organize a club that could be big and do big things. But no one in my network seemed to follow my vision or my passion.

Really all I had do to was wait. I tried to make new friends, which for me is a little hard. I try not to be picky but there are only some people I want to hang out with when I am over tired, stressed out or the few times I have time for fun. It took awhile but I have slowly formed few strong friendships which is how I like it. These friends come from different backgrounds, some are in student government, some are engineers others are in health science and friends of my friends.

I also made a splash personally and also with teammates over the last two years. In chronological order, I began working in undergraduate research, helped put on an International Space Station downlink, organized STEM outreaches, introduced the President of the United States, created a tool for NASA, tested the tool at NASA Johnson Space Center, began an internship at HP, and appeared on a PBS show called Science Trek. This was over a period of two years and after this happened my network was a lot bigger than before.

Here I am on top of a pyramid with a bunch of other HP Boise interns this past summer

So this semester I decided to tackle creating this club again. I was a little behind though because of school work and started recruitment ten days before our first big meeting. I thought this was a little late and was planning to go on the University quad to hand out flyers, send out email blasts and hang up up notices about the event. Then I realized that while those were great ideas it wouldn’t be incredibly impactful if neither I or anyone in my team have never had conversations with these people.

The crazy thing is my first plan was not utilizing my network that I have been gifted with thanks to my other work on campus. So I turned around and started speaking to those I knew. The student leaders and educational professionals that I now know love the idea and are spreading the word. I spoke to a few of my classes, I went on the quad once and I am using social media. We don’t need thousands of people to be at our club event and not even a hundred but I am sure that is what we will have.

And the next awesome thing about this time around is that I am working with an amazing leadership team. This time instead of being the leader I am one of the leaders. Together we have been sending out Facebook invites, attending planning meetings, and reaching out to all of our networks. I am just positive and sure that whatever happens, if we can stick together, it is going to be a great experience for all of us.

The current Space Broncos Student Organization leadership team.
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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.


  1. 9/27/2015

    Cami you have accomplished so much in your short years at university. I think it’s aweome that you want to start your own club – and you had the right idea about going to those in your network and talking to them. Flyers can get the word out well, but most people just pitch them in the trash. Or, that’s usually what I do, haha. Best of luck!

  2. 10/1/2015

    Your posts are something I love to read!

    I’m also like you in making friends. I’m really happy that you have now found a way to make new friends and do what you always wanted to do!

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