The next floor was for 1968 and beyond and here we have the tribute to the Civil Rights movement, Black Power and Resurrection City. The Oprah and Barack Obama exhibits were also here and it was a great way to come up and end this journey. It took me two hours to skim a lot of exhibits on these three floors and I had no idea there was more!

This is a picture from the Oprah display. Obama also has his own display. I hope you go see it in person someday!
This is a picture from the Oprah display. Obama also has his own display. I hope you go see it in person someday!

I came up to the reflection area and it was a welcome sight to hear all the noise and see the light. I was planning to just go back up to the main concourse but when I got on the smaller elevator up the first floor was not the destination of the other people in the elevator. We went up and up and I landed on another floor. I stepped out and I was above ground, I could see out from the window, the building’s frame and the national mall. And I heard music.

There was this huge panoramic screen in one room the went completely 360 with a cross generational display of music, sports, entertainment and activists. From Michael Jordan to the ever awesome Obama mike drop! And there were displays about African diaspora, the awful practice of bleaching cream and then a celebration of African American style and home decorations.


Move on to a car room with a classic red chromed out antiques. And while I have never really been into cars it was impressive still. The next gallery was all about the music. And it featured rows upon rows of original concert garments from people like Whitney Houston and costumes from the show The Jeffersons. There was record room where you could flip through all the old records and a wall with all the gold and platinum records.


On another floor was tribute to AA soldiers and astronauts. One for, ugh, Ben Carson and his foolish self but also other people who haven’t tainted their record in history.

Below is a small small list of other movements, displays and people on all floors of the museum that I didn’t mention. The experience is much more than I could relate here in four posts. You definitely should go check it out for yourself or the museum’s website and their collection archive.

If you go to the museum I HIGHLY suggest you by the book. It is well made and worth the purchase.

Not in any particular order a sample of the exhibits I neglected to talk about:
Sao Jose-Paquete de Africa
Nat Turner’s Bible
Point of Pines Cabin
Jim Crow Laws
Madam CJ Walker
Segregated Railway
World War I and II
Civil Right Movement
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X
Black Power
Lunch Counter protest
Tuskegee Airmen
Resurrection City
Shirlet Chisholm
Hurricane Katrina

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