Moving Forward in Innovation

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My name is Camille and I aspire to…

I am beginning a new journey as a Machine Learning intern at HP Labs. I am very excited and everyone is excited for me. And all I can think about is how NOT to mess this up. But I have a lot of ideas of what I want to and can accomplish here with the resources I have. Not only am I not at just any tech company, I am at the company that started Silicon Valley. And not only am I not at any HP site. I am at the headquarters in Palo Alto sitting in the CTO office! So I have a lot of resources and I have to dig deep and go big.

But what I aspire to do has more relationship with the CTO office and less with engineering. I aspire to expand my network and strengthen the relationships I have. That will be key to my continued success here. So I’m looking to the future. And in the future I see the possibilities of traveling in space, creating bigger robots, better artificial intelligence, and that all is going to take a lot more knowledge than what I have now, and a lot more resources. I can improve my relationships by doing well on the engineering aspects, but that is just one task, there are more. I need to continue seeking out one on one conversations and trying to find a mentor in this big room of talented people will be hard. But I am glad my manager has that covered, he is going to be great to learn from! I also want to meet new people and get to know the ones that I have only met once or twice. Everyone has a story to tell, and diversity, which is something HP has, gives me the chance to hear MANY stories. This all helps me get ready for the future.

Sometimes I get questions about what I want to do afterwards, if I want to teach, become a Dean of a college or even stay in Boise. My answer is usually no. I want to go to space, make big robots and live as exciting a life of tech as possible. I think that means for me I will have to leave my hometown, in fact I am sure that it means that. However, I would not mind heading back to Boise State for a sabbatical and being the first ever Black Woman Engineering teacher at that school. That would be an honor.

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Cami is about to start her senior year in Mechanical Engineering at Boise State University. She currently holds a Machine Learning internship at HP and is looking to break into industry with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. After starting with the NASA Aerospace High School Scholars she has also participated in other NASA programs such as Microgravity University Undergraduate Research. She is also a committed and active volunteer for other STEM and Diversity groups and organizations. Stay tuned to see what she does next!


  1. Ray

    Inspired after reading that.
    You go girl!✊

  2. Leia

    Wishing you the best as you move forward!

  3. Maureen

    Go girl go girl…..women can do it…..inspired

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