Miss Idaho Intercontential Olive!

Everyone I would like you to meet Olive! She is Miss Idaho Intercontinental this year and has an amazing story. I interviewed her today and wanted to share her leadership story against bullying and abuse with you.

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Olive Mbulambo Shamakwete, I am from Cameroun in Africa where I grew up with my family, but I was born in the Democratic republic of the Congo in Central Africa. I came in the USA in June 2009 with my parents, my brother, and sisters. My last brother was born here in the United States. We came here as refugees to get a better life and have better opportunities with school and life.

What is one of your most proud accomplishments?
Graduating high school was a big accomplishment because I had to learn English when I came to America and I never thought that I could ever graduate high school. English was not only my third language it was a foreign language that I had to learn to be able to function within the American society and it was very difficult. But I graduated in 2013 and I was very proud not just to finish high school but to go to college also.

What is your field of study and why did you choose it?
I chose Health Sciences at Boise State University because this will allow me to further my education and work in the health care field. I would specifically enjoy working with pregnant women and later their babies, and I think it’s amazing to be a part of that process and to help others when they are in need. That is I why I hope to travel to third world countries and help pregnant women and children as much as I can.

Miss Idaho Olive wearing her crown at a Dress to Succeed Gala event.

What is your message as Miss Idaho Intercontinental?

I want to be an advocate for the bullied and the abused. Especially for young children who face bullying in schools, their neighborhoods and sometimes in their homes. Abuse happens in many ways and it leads to suicidal and destructive patterns in a person’s life. I am raising awareness that abuse is unfortunately among us and it happens every day. I think that if people are more aware of something they will be motivated to creating a change one step at a time. My personal example of taking action is that I will be volunteering 100 hours this summer with the Royal Family Kids Camp, by being a mentor to children that have been through serious abuse and have suffered a great deal within their families and among others., I will be a mentor to those amazing kids and provide then great support and let them know that they are loved and important and that they matter.

How can others be involved with your fight to stop abuse?

The number one way to be involved is to be aware of abuse and to always report it to authorities or support groups. Also be supportive, understanding, and compassionate of people that face these horrible issues and be willing to help them live a different life free from bullying and abuse.
I believe that if more people say no to bullying and abuse, and change their mindsets and their actions, this will lead to a change not just in our society but in our future generations. I hope to be a role model to young children and teach them to have respect for themselves and stand up for what is right and always have a voice that speaks up in the right time.

Olive is currently raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign for fees, flight and apparel for the Miss Idaho Intercontinental Pageant in Maryland later this summer. Please consider supporting this young woman’s campaign by contributing and sharing as she represents Idaho to the world. 

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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