Maker Faire 2018

My first major story of summer 2018 is Maker Faire.

I have had a very small experience with the maker culture. And I don’t know that I was expecting something so rich and filled with the so much variety. No one was affiliated with each other but there were hundreds of people presenting and sharing and thousands coming in to watch!

I think these people embodied my three rules of life:

1. Say yes to every new opportunity
That was definitely this crowd! I hear MakerFaire gets bigger and bigger each year!


2. Don’t do anything twice
Every booth was something different to experience. Even in the robot expo there were so many types of robots.

 2019-01-03 17_23_24-Maker Faire in the Bay Area! – Camille Eddy – Medium
(Left image) and open source robot that can be made with 3D printed parts (Right image) a robot that demonstrates how muscles move and neurons fire.

3. Make your accomplishments visible
Every. Single. Person. That. Presented.


I hope next year I see more school flags flying high and a lot more water misters for the heat! If you would like to learn more about thoughts on innovation and creativity keep reading. More adventures to follow. And check out my hashtag on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram #camillespeaksup

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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