Here is your next NASA opportunity

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I’m having a fun experience being behind the scenes at NASA JPL. It is a little different than the last time I was at a NASA center. I have a press pass, some really cool collegues from all over the country and the world of social media at my fingertips. I’m at NASA JPL reporting on the most exciting thing since Curiosity which went to Mars and the biggest thing since New Horizons which flew by Pluto. Juno is arriving to Jupiter tonight and it will be the first chance NASA has had to really try to understand if Jupiter has a core. Along the way there will also be important lessons to learn about radiation and navigation.

A photo I took at NASA JPL that is 1/4 model
A photo I took at NASA JPL that is 1/4 model

Like I said, I have learned a lot about Juno and this is day 2. Day 1 was full of great tours and meet and greets with the NASA scientists and engineers who have worked on the project. I also talked with other social media influencers who were invited along with me to report on social media. It is a real privilege to apply for an opportunity to come to NASA and get accepted.

A scene during an intimate talk with the creator of NASA Eyes
A scene during an intimate talk with the creator of NASA Eyes

You can definitely apply and get accepted. There are many opportunities all over the country at different times. And as for being selected there isn’t a follower requirement. There are many different social media ambassadors chosen based on the diversity they bring to the group that was chosen. To start your journey visit and apply for the next opportunities!

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Cami is about to start her senior year in Mechanical Engineering at Boise State University. She currently holds a Machine Learning internship at HP and is looking to break into industry with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. After starting with the NASA Aerospace High School Scholars she has also participated in other NASA programs such as Microgravity University Undergraduate Research. She is also a committed and active volunteer for other STEM and Diversity groups and organizations. Stay tuned to see what she does next!


  1. Abir Chermiti

    Very interesting opportunity ! I really enjoy every moment following the Juno Mission and you !
    Keep going Cami !

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