Girl STEM Stars @ Google!

This summer I had the privilege to bring a dozen young Black girls to Google to learn how to code.

The opportunity came through the Made with Code program by Google who put out a call to host Wonder Woman coding parties. Me and a coworker are both friends and supporters of Kiwoba Allaire and her program Girl STEM Stars that provides amazing opportunities for Black and Latina girls.


Watching these girls with their full attention on the screen wanting to learn how to code and having the natural ability for it is soooo inspiring. We MUST get programs like these into the hearts and minds of more kids, because it can open up a whole new world of interest for them.

The students came, heard from other prominent Google employees, ate lunch in the cafe and also learned to code. I would definitely suggest a Made with Code project for anyone who wants to help the community learn.


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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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  1. 5/28/2019

    Thank you Camille!

    We are very grateful, and appreciate you hosting Girl STEM Stars at Google!


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