Celebrating the diversity we have

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Tonight I had the privilege of lending my voice to the diversity conversation on a local level. I was joined by two of my best friends who run diversity programs at Boise State as well. Being student leaders on campus is very important. To be able to feel that I can make changes, even if they are small compared to what administration can do. But the work can be hard and a little discouraging at times. Like when I saw the stats that the graduation rate for Black students at my school is about 18 percent. There are many reasons for a stat like that I am sure but I really welcome a day when diversity and inclusion of people of color becomes a full, all on goal for the administration at my school. Something you hear about right along STEM and football. We need that here in Boise, Idaho where they estimate growth in almost every area of our community.

I would never say that I lack support as a person of color from those who run my school. I have had their full support. But I want everyone to feel that way and have the kind of access and opportunities for growth that I have had. I would also like to challenge my fellow peers who are of color to reach for those opportunities and go get them! They won’t just come to you on a plate and if they did would it really be worth it?

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