November 12 / Conference

I am struck that I havenโ€™t written a list of what to take to the conference. So here it is, a no-frills post about what to bring. And I think their value is self-explanatory. Be sure to check out the …

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October 28 / Conference

Today was the first day of the Forbes under 30 summit in Detroit
and what a day! We had quite a few experiences that were new and exciting.

Check in! We got our badges the night before at one of …

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October 25 / Conference

This is a continuation of my series of profiles on Under 30 scholars who will be attending the Forbes Under 30 summit in Detroit from October 27-30. I am struck by how many scholars have a deep commitment to their

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October 7 / Conference

The Under 30 Scholars program is a chance for students to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Students apply and are accepted based on their eligibility to attend the summit. I’m taking some time to talk to one of those

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August 26 / Conference

Portland, Oregon โ€” This year has been very fun speaking about the topics I am passionate. The Open Source Conference or OSCON invitation was extended to me by Scott Hanselman. This guy! Super great to be around and a fantastic …

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July 5 / Conference