Casual Conversations: A virtual cafe

I want to help produce a new experience of collaboration and renewal through this next year with a VERY simple format.

I am currently based in rural Idaho and some of my most innovative friends live an expensive plane ride away. So why don’t we hop on a call that can be accessed by as many people as possible?

The keys to our meetings will be:

Sharing of ideas

We all have ideas that we can share — not the ones you need people to sign nondisclosure forms. Instead, it’s the random ideas you think about, ones that might not even have a practical plan of execution…yet. Put together a 5-minute presentation/powerpoint that you can share virtually.

We all have ideas that we can share.

Checking in 

Sometimes something significant happens and for some reason, we can’t share it with the people who are our family, friends or coworkers. Hopefully, this mix of techie, non-techie, diverse individuals can listen well. And if asked, offer constructive and uplifting feedback.

Paying it forward

We can do this best by giving each other publicity through word of mouth. Talking about each other in a positive light, sharing social media posts about each other’s accomplishments, and nominating each other for opportunities. Let’s give ourselves the opportunity to get our content in front of those who would be willing to share it.

So are you ready to join me in conversation?

I envision this to be a sort of Toastmasters format (if you haven’t attended a Toastmasters meeting before, that’s okay!) where we divide the call into a few sections with designated presenters but also time to share stories and narratives.



Possible conversations we could get started on:

  • Speaking at conferences in 2019
  • Obtaining internships
  • Discussing wealth building techniques
  • Breaking into tech
  • Seeking mentors and partnerships
  • Building a nonprofit
  • Building a stronger social media presence
  • etc.


Written by:

Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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