Be a Mentor. Change a Life.

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For the past two years I haven’t been blogging but I have been mentoring. Strive For College is an organization that partners college students with high school students. The goal is to help students starting the college admissions process with their applications, essays, scholarships and financial aid. I have mentored four of the best students, two each year.

These students live in rural parts of Idaho. So to be able to reach them we hold a weekly Google hangout session. And then twice a semester they come to Boise State and we get to hang out in person. It is like a big party where we play games, talk some more about school and eat of course.


To pick their mentors the mentees participate in what we call speed mentoring. Just like speed dating the mentees quizzed the different mentors to figure our their personalities and then they chose their top three choices. After this the mentors are chosen for the rest of their high school career. Most of the mentees start in their junior year so that gives you about two years of mentoring time.

One of my mentees mentioned to me that he liked me because I was very interested in his chosen major of engineering. I was kind of shocked that the other mentors didn’t show the same appreciation for every major but it was my absolute pleasure to get to mentor someone who had decided to go into Engineering.

The Strive Mentors and Mentees visit the blue football field of Boise State University.

I have always had great mentors myself and it was important that I was able to give back in this way. These kids are going to college and I had a hand in it!

One person I would like to mention who was not one of my mentees but is one of the most dedicated student leaders I have ever met and her name is Abby. She is the director of our Strive chapter and she has shown strong leadership skills since the beginning of the program. Sometimes orientation for new mentors involves over a hundred college students, she also coordinates the matching of mentors to mentees, and the in person sessions with several different high schools, and the reports to the national organization. There have been many ups and downs but she has always seemed to remain strong, confident and smiling. You inspire me Abby. :)


Written by:

Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.


  1. 5/12/2015

    What an awesome project to be apart of! It sounds like such a great way to help students, and not just to have someone, but to have a mentor that really connects with them and cares. :)

    That is so great that Abby is able to do so much work, and obviously do it very well. I can’t imagine the hours involved. However, the rewards of working in a project like this would have to be really great.

  2. 5/14/2015

    Hi~ How are you doing? I haven’t been visiting your blog and I don’t even know you’ve got a new name! I shall relink you in my list XD what a great job you did there! being a mentor is challenging, for me. because we need to be strong=willed ourselves so that we can motivate and help our mentee. looking forward to read more about this programme ^^ who knows I can plan it for my own school too ^^ have a nice day!

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