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May 30 / Entrepreneur

As a young entrepreneur the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was being shy. I had to force myself to get my ideas out there and showcase them in public. Not being afraid to publish your ideas for others to …

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May 27 / Leadership

Everyone I would like you to meet Olive! She is Miss Idaho Intercontinental this year and has an amazing story. I interviewed her today and wanted to share her leadership story against bullying and abuse with you.

Who are you

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May 24 / Engineering

I wanted to share what my role is as a Machine Learning intern at HP Inc. for those of you who don’t know or maybe don’t understand what machine learning is.
The fun explanation is that I am working in …

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May 20 / Diversity

I was recently reading this article and was reminded about why representation is so important culturally. I think sometimes living in a dominant culture that tries to forget its racist tendencies and racial biases you can loose the benefit of …

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May 18 / Engineering

My name is Camille and I aspire to…

I am beginning a new journey as a Machine Learning intern at HP Labs. I am very excited and everyone is excited for me. And all I can think about is how …

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February 28 / Boise State

I became a part of a competition that is much bigger than me. Here is what you might usually expect to find in a student competition, I am going to try to launch a business, I am working with a …

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February 27 / Boise State

How do you lead a student team with no experience in virtual reality to start doing the work in a field that hasn’t been fully explored?

I think this a great opportunity and unique challenge. There is a balance between …

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December 31 / Leadership
October 10 / Leadership
September 24 / School

As a student I am used to the idea of having poor connections. I don’t really know anything about the world or anyone in the world and I need to seek out mentors and teachers who would be willing to …

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August 22 / Tech
August 10 / STEM

There are kids out there today who have a big interest in science and engineering. Most likely because they watched a show like Star Trek or Bill Nye the Science Guy. There are other kids who don’t know what science …

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July 13 / Engineering

Getting to NASA was the hard part. We were fabricating up to the night of the flight. And once we touched down in Houston we still had a couple of modifications to make. But since we had told everyone we …

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July 13 / Engineering

For the past 7 months I have been involved in a NASA program for undergraduate research. NASA put out the call that they needed ideas for tools to go on manned asteroid missions. They wanted college students to take on …

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July 11 / 3D printing

3D printing is a new revolution and being involved in it is revolutionizing my career. I work for Hewlett-Packard (soon I’ll be working for HP Inc.) and my work in robotics involves a lot of 3D printing. I currently work …

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May 30 / Presidential
May 10 / NASA

The Space Broncos is a student organization that organizes big NASA outreach events on the Boise State campus. The goal is bring awareness to the NASA opportunities for research, internships and other involvement with the space agency.

Our first event …

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May 10 / Travel

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a national organization that has chapters among many campuses in the country. And the chapter is really struggling at Boise State. But despite that me and the president of our chapter was …

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May 6 / NASA

I had the amazing opportunity one year ago today to participate in a downlink with the international space station. This was during the Space Symposium that was planned around the downlink. It took about 9 months of planning and a …

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