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October 7 / Conference

The Under 30 Scholars program is a chance for students to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Students apply and are accepted based on their eligibility to attend the summit. I’m taking some time to talk to one of those

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September 12 / Uncategorized
September 12 / Uncategorized

As a student, I learned an important lesson about being innovative on campus. That students influence other students!

I often wondered how to bring the change I wanted to see. And I would have conversations with faculty and staff about …

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January 3 / Mentoring

From Idaho to San Diego — In December I had a fantastic time sharing with young students my passion for prototyping, troubleshooting and of course robotics.

We were looking for a way to teach the kids a new skill and …

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August 26 / Culture

My friend Daniel agreed to meet up with me at my first Star Trek convention. Being a Trekkie is something my family strongly believes in. And I am one of those people that want to make the world reflect that

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August 26 / Conference

Portland, Oregon — This year has been very fun speaking about the topics I am passionate. The Open Source Conference or OSCON invitation was extended to me by Scott Hanselman. This guy! Super great to be around and a fantastic …

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August 26 / Internship
August 18 / Engineering

My first major story of summer 2018 is Maker Faire.

I have had a very small experience with the maker culture. And I don’t know that I was expecting something so rich and filled with the so much variety. No

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January 4 / College Life

The first idea is simple — if you don’t come from a minority experience NEVER presume to know their struggles. Even if you find yourself gaining friends who are from underrepresented populations, it is essential to continue a habit …

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October 14 / Culture

How do we find ourselves in a world where there are so many firsts to be had for women of color? There are so few doctors, engineers, filmmakers that reach the level of success and recognition that even some of …

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September 6 / Culture
August 26 / Resources
July 5 / College Life
July 5 / Inspiration

Last month I had the fantastic experience of speaking at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, right next to the Google campus. Last summer I listened to quite a few of the NPR radio programs recorded there and …

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July 5 / Diversity

I participated in my first ever Pride celebration this year in downtown San Francisco with Google! It was such a fantastic experience all around. But as of today, 14 members of the transgender community have died in the year 2017. …

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July 5 / Diversity
July 5 / Conference
July 5 / Inspiration

This summer I had the privilege to bring a dozen young Black girls to Google to learn how to code.

The opportunity came through the Made with Code program by Google who put out a call to host Wonder Woman …

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June 9 / Travel

The next floor was for 1968 and beyond and here we have the tribute to the Civil Rights movement, Black Power and Resurrection City. The Oprah and Barack Obama exhibits were also here and it was a great way to …

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June 9 / Travel

Start with Part 1 or read on.

I walked up the long ramp to the 2nd floor and was greeted by a sign marking the segregation era 1887 – 1967. There is something I always try to remember when someone …

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