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The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a national organization that has chapters among many campuses in the country. And the chapter is really struggling at Boise State. But despite that me and the president of our chapter was sponsored by our school to attend the regional conference in San Francisco.

It was a ton of fun! We met a Grammy recipient, the most sought after business man in Silicon Valley and then of course we visited the Golden Gate Bridge.



I was able to take a flight by myself to San Francisco, attend a conference organized by my peers, and mingle at a big career fair. I felt very grown up.
I even got all dressed up for a formal banquet.

The career fair was by far the best part of the conference. The companies that came were Chevron, Adobe, Verizon, Northup Grumman, Ball Aerospace and Brocade. To name several. It was my first career fair and it provided a great experience in talking to recruiters and showing off my accomplishments. Even though this happened earlier in the school year before things got really exciting I noticed that I am always thankful of my opportunities so far.
As far as I knew the downlink with the International Space Station would be my biggest undergraduate highlight and I was okay with that and used it in my pitch to the recruiters as much as I could.
I told the recruiters I was really interested in manufacturing design. But my goals are much bigger than that. I want to study space science but even space probes need manufacturing design. Mechanical Engineers have a broad enough learning scope that they can be project heads and leads. That’s what I want to do. Put together instruments that go on the space station, run a NASA lab and be commander of a space mission.

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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  1. Cami, she is one of the greatest girls in this generation of 21century. full of life and great future flowing in her that everyone can see with eyes naked. In her field of Mechanical she goes beyond the expection that every body could say wow! what a girl. very committed and ready to change the world. She never take her time for granted. She has what I could call A RISING SPIRIT . I will pray that your dreams will come true. You are a modern girl

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