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This is a continuation of my series of profiles on Under 30 scholars who will be attending the Forbes Under 30 summit in Detroit from October 27-30. I am struck by how many scholars have a deep commitment to their academic careers and to service learning projects or volunteer work. Read more about Daniela Beck and be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn!

What made you want to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit?

I wanted to go to Forbes Under 30 Summit because I have participated in other conferences in the past and absolutely love their ability to bring a community of people together with common interests in order to achieve something amazing.
I was also intrigued with this particular conference due to its focus on volunteerism. I am looking forward to getting back into it to make a difference in the communities within Detroit.

What is your major and your current professional interests?

Currently, I am a senior undergraduate at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania pursuing a dual degree in Management Information Systems (or MIS for short) and International Business. My specialties lie within the realms of project management, database administration, and networking. Previously, I have done three internships in the business and tech spaces working in the manufacturing, e-commerce, and fintech industries; however, I am hoping to work as either a business analyst or project manager upon graduation this semester for a technology company.

As a woman in Management Information Systems, have you found success in this field?

As one of the first female students at my university to enroll in a technical major (Management Information Systems), I helped to cofound the first-ever club on campus that focuses on this very topic, the MIS/Analytics Club. The organization essentially works to improve and provide events for all students (regardless of major, race, or gender) that teach them the basic technological skills that they to succeed not only in college but in the workforce after graduation.

What is one way that you have helped others overcome the struggles of a technical program?

I struggled with finding help in the computer science field early on; therefore, I wanted to help others so that they don’t have similar feelings. Now I am a fellow of the Rewriting the Code community where I mentor and provide resources for younger undergraduate women in CS and related majors throughout the United States.

Catch up with Daniela on her LinkedIn profile!

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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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