Diversity is our best asset

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Our world has many problems we can and can’t fix. But our social issues hold the most promise. Diversity issues need diverse people who have intimate knowledge of the minority issues to solve them and allies to help change the policies. This is why I participated in an Anti-Trump rally last weekend.

A friend of mine holding up a Black Lives Matter Poster at a Boise, Idaho protest

We will get no where by trying to convince or force minorities to assimilate to a single and exclusive cultural ideal built by one White man. Women should not join the workforce and expect some level of acceptable sexual harrasment because that is what men do. African Americans should not expect to be racially profiled at every corner because their dark skin must mean they live a life of poverty and are uneducated. To continue this list, Muslims should not be reduced to the identity of terrorists because that is the one view American culture has of them and Mexican immigrants do not need to consider themselves unproductive members of our society. And better yet, the LGBTQ conversation does not stop at legal marriage, there is a host of other rights and issues that must be discussed.

Each one of those links lead to stories and positions of the Trump campaign who for the past year have continued on a path that rejected progress in these issues and demoralized many minority groups. It is particularly painful when I listen to single issue voters talk about Trump as the solution to abortion or protecting Israel or an alternative to Hillary. In pretty much every issue there seems to be a divide in our country, but why is a woman’s right to choose a liberality? Why are voters even involved in that personal decision? And why is someone like Trump so seemingly biased, then flaky and now unclear on these kind of issues, in charge of protecting or taking away that right to choose?

The reason I am in the position I am now to attend engineering school, have the chance of a career in tech and more is because America took action on the issues of diversity. From there, barriers were broken and may bright people of different skin tones and religions were finally able to contribute their talents to the progress of our country. We were in the act of healing those divides and rifts that had put minorities on shaky ground. It seems Trump’s policy would bring us back to that time. Which begs the question, is that what would make America great again?

As the protesters take to the streets in Boise, Idaho

I went to an anti-Trump rally because I am seriously confused at where Trump stands on these issues. I do not contest the results of the election but I do contest his positions and the spirit in which he led his the campaign. I want him to have good reason to change his mind on minority issues, only then would he be the best choice to lead this country.

Written by:

Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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  1. 12/3/2016

    Camille, I completely agree with you that true, inclusive diversity is what can make this nation great–not Donald Trump, who has only increased division among us. If you plan to attend the Women’s March on Jan 21st, either in DC or in another city, I would very much like to interview you for my project. Please take a look and let me know what you think. 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 Annie https://medium.com/whyareyoumarching

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