3 ways to engage with NASA’s mission to Jupiter

Juno is about to complete its 5 year journey to NASA and begin to insert itself into Jupiter’s orbit July 4th. This process will take a little over 50 days but in the meantime with the exciting intruments installed on Juno the public has the chance to learn a lot about the biggest planet in our solar system.

Follow the story on #NASASocial July 3 and 4
During this weekend fellow social media influencers including myself will be live at NASA JPL to bring updates and cool science facts about Mission Juno. Follow me and my fellow colleagues on twitter by searching for #NASASocial and look for us on Facebook and other social media channels as well. Help us make this event trend everywhere online.

Suggest Points of Interest for the Juno Cam to study
NASA has always had a strong public outreach program. This time there is a camera located on Juno called the Juno Cam. This camera is specifically for us! You can suggest places that the camera will study on their website. And amateur astronomers are already helping out.

Learn more about Juno’s LEGO passengers
In a really cool move by LEGO instead of astronauts scientist Galileo and God and Goddess Jupiter and Juno are along for the ride. Galileo discovered the moons that orbited Jupiter in 1610. These LEGO minifigures are meant to inspire young students to take a look at this space journey and future discoveries.

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