3 Ways to start using Virtual Reality on your smartphone

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Virtual Reality is storming across the tech world. There are new ideas and new accessibility but more than that there are new applications. Some of the ideas aren’t very new but the new apps we find have brought better uses of these ideas that allow for unique experiences and learning.

VRSE — Android/Apple
This is an awesome app for your android and apple product. It gives you the chance to experience 360 stories. Where you can look up and down and all around. There are miniature documentaries and grand visual stories. The real life stories are shot with a 360 camera and it makes for great entertainment to be able to look at the whole room and not just one view. There is a cardboard viewer that will allow you to look through lenses and be emersed in the experience similar to an Occulus rift. But you can also use the app without the cardboard viewer.

Spotlight — Android/Apple
Spotlight is a similar app to VRSE. There are a couple of stories that have you follow a character during their experience. Your phone of course controls the angle of the camera and you can move it in any direction and have a different view. The characters in the story will simply walk off screen if you aren’t moving your camera in their direction. But generally the story doesn’t require you to make a full 360 turn.

Spacecraft 3D — Android/Apple
This is an app that has been developed by NASA. It allows you to generate 3D projections of different NASA spacecraft including the rover Curiosity and the Hubble Telescope. To view the projections you need to print of a marker, which is an image the app recognizes and projects from. You can rotate the marker and move it around to see different views, like side, back, and underneath the models.

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Cami is about to start her senior year in Mechanical Engineering at Boise State University. She currently holds a Machine Learning internship at HP and is looking to break into industry with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. After starting with the NASA Aerospace High School Scholars she has also participated in other NASA programs such as Microgravity University Undergraduate Research. She is also a committed and active volunteer for other STEM and Diversity groups and organizations. Stay tuned to see what she does next!

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