1 Pitch…1 Million Dollars

I became a part of a competition that is much bigger than me. Here is what you might usually expect to find in a student competition, I am going to try to launch a business, I am working with a group of students. Now this is what is crazy, we are in a competition where one winning team gets 1 million dollars to start the company based on a pitch, its a competition for business majors but they let in three engineering students, we beat out 25,000 other applicants, we are competing in San Francisco and we are competing with a $5 computer.

I keep looking for unique opportunities to take advantage of. If I am going to get recognition in life it will never be because I get the best grades or followed the rules the best. That’s just not my super power. I was able to raise over 2,000 dollars our group needed to get the San Francisco which makes this the second time in one year that I raised that kind of money. (The first time was writing a $10,000 grant that got approved.) And after that I organized a pilot computer program where refugees came in and tested our training material to see if we could get hard data on how to run the business.

A few refugees during our first test.
A few refugees during our first test.

Those were just my contributions the other two members on the team are writing drafts upon drafts of pitches, researching the actual technology we will use and coming up with a training plan. What a high impact team! We need that one million dollars because if this was for real right now the next big crowd sourcing website would be taking off! After we compete on March 11-12 (less than two weeks away!) I will have plenty of more details. Till then, I probably won’t be seeing much of anyone.

We were honored with a special luncheon with the President of our University Bob Kustra
We were honored with a special luncheon with the President of our University Bob Kustra
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Camille is a Mechanical Engineering student sharing about her personal relationships and experiences working in the tech field as a woman of color.

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    A very nice article, how was the pitch?

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